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Featured Happenings

WiMiN and SMath 2013

The annual Women in Mathematics in New England (WiMiN) conference will take place on Saturday, September 21 at Smith College. The conference also features short talks by students, a panel discussion on being a graduate student. SMath will also take place the same weekend.

Featured News

New School Record Set in Putnam Competition

The scores from the 2013 Putnam Competition are in, and Smith's team, organized by Rajan Mehta, had a record-high ranking of 66 out of 557 competing schools. The Putnam is notoriously hard -- half of the students that take the exam get a scor...  more »

Featured Student Research Project

Experiments in monotone kinetic visibility

Lily Du, Stefanie Wang, and Yonit Bousany asked "Given a simple planar polygon, is it possible to move its vertices in such a way that the internal visibility graph increases monotonically?" Mathematica experiments led to possible app...  more »