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Junior Program

The Junior Program is for undergraduate women mathematics majors who want a mathematically intense semester or year among other women. (While the program is intended to take place during the junior year, second-semester sophomores and rising seniors will also be considered.)

Students spend a semester or year at Smith, taking 3 math courses each term. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a great variety of courses. Standards include courses in analysis, algebra, statistics, number theory, combinatorics, graph theory, differential equations, complex analysis, topology, and geometry. There are also topics courses reflecting the diverse interests of the faculty. In recent years, these have included relativity, analysis of algorithms, chaos and fractals, cryptography, mathematical sculpture, set theory, and phyllotaxis. Participants may also take undergraduate and graduate courses at the neighboring campuses of Hampshire College , Amherst College , Mount Holyoke College , and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst .

Visiting students take a seminar together that includes a lecture series, undergraduate curriculum review, an introduction to mathematical research and writing, and discussions on career paths, applying to graduate school, and taking the GREs.

Every student has the opportunity to join a research team, working on a project with a Smith faculty member. The projects and topics vary from year to year, and faculty supervising research introduce their projects at the start of each semester.

One of the most valuable aspects of visiting Smith is becoming part of the Smith mathematical community. Each student will have mentoring to help her find her place in the mathematical sciences.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents can apply for need-based financial aid. With the support of the National Science Foundation and Smith College , we are able to meet the full demonstrated financial need of every accepted student.

There are no formal mathematical prerequisites for the Junior Program. An applicant should be majoring or intending to major in mathematics and should include two letters of recommendation from mathematics professors as part of her application. Paperwork for applications to the Junior Program is handled by the Smith College Admissions Office. Detailed application information and forms are posted here.