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The mathematics faculty do research and write papers on algebra, combinatorics, dynamical systems, geometric knot theory, graph theory, logic, mathematical crystallography, mathematical biology, number theory, singularity theory, statistics and quantum logic. Within those fields, the research goes from the very abstract to the quite applied. Faculty also write textbooks, mount exhibits and build sculptures. There are a number of opportunities for students to participate in research projects for undergraduates and work as a grader or teaching assistant.

Pau Atela

Benjamin Baumer
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics & Statistical and Data Sciences

Joshua Bowman
Visiting Assistant Professor

James Callahan
Professor Emeritus

Phyllis Cassidy
Professor Emerita

David Cohen
Professor Emeritus

Daniel Cuzzocreo
Visiting Assistant Professor

Christopher Golé

Ruth Haas
Chair and Achilles Professor of Mathematics and Statistics & Engineering

Katherine Halvorsen

James Henle
Myra M. Sampson Professor in Mathematics

Nicholas Horton
Research Associate

Joel Louwsma
Visiting Assistant Professor

Rajan Mehta
Assistant Professor

Valerie Nazzaro
Visiting Assistant Professor

Mary Murphy
Senior Lecturer

Joseph O'Rourke
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics & Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Professor of Computer Science

Marjorie Senechal
Louise Wolff Kahn Professor Emerita in Mathematics and History of Science and Technology

Patricia Sipe
Associate Professor

Gwen Spencer
Assistant Professor

Ileana Streinu
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics & Charles N. Clark Professor of Computer Science

Nessy Tania
Assistant Professor

Julianna Tymoczko
Associate Professor