Using R for Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics

Nicholas J. Horton and Ken Kleinman

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Note: second edition now available, see HERE for more details.

This book shows how statistical methods can be applied in R. It covers data management, simple statistical procedures, modeling and regression, and graphics. Each section begins with a brief introduction to the procedures and then presents key code fragments. The book provides detailed worked examples together with output from the software to illustrate how the methods are applied in practice. It also includes an index for concepts as well as common R commands. Additional entries are regularly posted on our blog.

"This book provides a concise reference and annotated examples for R … . It is needed because R does not come with a coordinated manual … It is much easier to find information in Horton and Kleinman’s book because of their more detailed indices and table of contents. … Horton and Kleinman have succeeded very well in their goal of providing a concise reference manual and annotated examples. If you know the statistics (or can look them up) and have some experience using R, it is an extremely useful reference, and it has become my most consulted R book. … it would be an excellent reference for those wanting to look up the syntax of a command together with an example of how to use it. It is also very useful if you cannot remember the command and want to know how to do it in R." —Paul H. Geissler, The American Statistician, November 2011

"The interesting aspect of the book is that it does not only describe the basic statistics and graphics function of the basic R system but it describes the use of 40 additional packages available from the CRAN website. The website contains also the R code to install all the packages that contain the described features. In summary, the book is a useful complement to introductory statistics books and lectures … Those who know R might get additional hints on new features of statistical analyses." —International Statistical Review (2011), 79

Last updated February 25, 2015