Joshua P. Bowman

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Smith College in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics .

Previously, I was a post-doc with the Institute for Mathematical Sciences in the math department of Stony Brook University.
My listing as a recent graduate of Cornell is here. My old homepage at Cornell can be found here.

Email: joshua dot bowman at gmail dot com

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Teaching interests: Standards-based grading, instructional technology, writing projects, inquiry-based learning
Research interests: Flat surfaces, Teichmüller theory, complex dynamics
Ph.D. adviser: John H. Hubbard

A version of my Ph.D. thesis.

My papers on the arXiv

I am on Twitter as @Thalesdisciple, and my blog is Thales’ triangles.

The deltoid map is an excellent example of a post-critically finite endomorphism of P2.

The Scientific Legacy of Poincaré

Tessellations of Teichmüller disks

Past teaching