Mad Math

A field day of
mathematical amusements
and astonishments

9am - 5pm
Saturday, October 20, 2018
(shine or rain)
at Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts

Open to the public!

An incomplete catalog is possible to give at this time:

Event Time
A seven and one half foot-high puzzle All day
Change-ringing at the Smith bell tower 9:30-10:30 only!
Mathematical Magician, Colm Mulcahy 9-10:30, 11-12, 1-2:30, and 3:30-5
Mathematical Origamist, Charlene Morrow All day
Constructing polyhedra and puppies from 50-foot-long balloons All day
The world's only walk-in Klein bottle! All day
A thirty-foot-long sudoku board with puzzles All day
A guided tour of mathematical art on campus 1:30 only!
A workshop in puzzle design led by genius student puzzle designers All day
Construction of George Hart's "Amazing Acrobats" sculpture All day
A puzzle hunt: Four challenging puzzles All day
A pozzle hunt: Four moderately challenging pozzles All day
Occasional surprises Hard to say. In fact, forget we told you about this.

When you arrive, head for the main entrance to the Campus Center. You will see things happening. Guides (with balloons on their heads) will have programs for you. Guides will be prowling around Chapin lawn, Seelye lawn, the McConnell terrace--basically all over.

Mad Math is for all ages (including yours).

A light lunch is provided for those who escape the bizarre constructions and dubious challenges and return, temporarily, to three dimensional space. It is just possible, however, that we may run out of lunches, so bring something to keep you going.

Parking is free on weekends in all Smith parking lots, in white lined spaces that do not have meters or are otherwise marked. This parking map may be useful.

Mad Math is a Gathering for Gardner
Celebration of Mind

---one of many events in memory of Martin Gardner (1914-2010), the champion of all that is playful, mysterious, and beautiful in mathematics and whose birthday is October 21.

If you have any questions, send queries to Jim Henle at

Funding for Mad Math is provided by these Smith College entities:

The Design Thinking Initiative,
The Lecture Committee,
The Science Center,
The Borie Fund,
The Office of the President, and
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The participation of these departments is especially appreciated:

The Museum of Art,
The Department of Art,
The Department of Music, and
The Department of Dance.

Last update: 10/17/18