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A one-day gathering in mathematics and statistics for:

Smith Mathematicians

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  • Almost no fees
  • Breakfast with lots of coffee
  • Lunch, coffee included
  • Cookies and more coffee
  • Talks by participants
  • A panel of youthful assistant professors
  • A panel of elderly graduate students

  • ---all of the above in McConnell Hall, and

  • Dinner in the Art Museum Atrium ($10 for students, $20 for the rest)

  • ---with

  • Possible accomodation with a Smith student
All participants are welcome to give a 15 minute talk.

SMath2010 will be followed the next day by WIMIN10,

a one-day conference in mathematics and statistics.

Please register (here) for SMath.

Registration for SMath will cover WIMIN too.

If you're giving a talk, register by 9/17!

And just in case it's been some time since you've been to Northampton, here is the latest on food and lodging.

Funding for this conference is provided by
The Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith, NSF grant DMS-0611020, and
The Smith College Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Last update: 7/21/10