Women In Mathematics In New England

Sunday, September 26, 2010 at Smith College

A one-day undergraduate conference in mathematics and statistics.

Open to all! Click here for the schedule.


  • Plenary talks by
    Jill Pipher,
    Director, NTRU CryptoLabs, Brown University
    Discrepancy Theory
    Julianna Tymoczko,
    University of Iowa
    An introduction to Schubert calculus
    One of the oldest questions in geometry asks: in how many points do two lines intersect? In the nineteenth century, Schubert conducted a thorough study of a more general question: how can linear spaces intersect in R^n? Schubert's results, now called Schubert calculus, turn out to answer key questions in fields like geometry, linear algebra, representation theory, and combinatorics. In this talk, we'll walk through Schubert's geometry (giving a modern view of his work) and his virtuosic linear algebra calculations. Then we'll give a simple combinatorial formula that lets us reproduce all of Schubert's work in no time with essentially no effort. We'll finish up with some of the (many) open questions in Schubert calculus. The talk will be accessible to anyone who has seen some linear algebra at some point.

  • Short talks by students,
  • Lunch for all, a
  • Panel discussion on being a graduate student,
  • No registration fee, and a
  • Tentative schedule:

    • Coffee and light breakfast
    • Welcome
    • Jill Pipher
    • Student talks (parallel sessions)
    • Lunch
    • Graduate school panel
    • Julianna Tymoczko
    • Coffee and snacks
    • Student talks (parallel sessions)

    (Coffee at 9:30, Welcome at 10, last talk over by 5)
    All events will be in the Smith College Campus Center.

  • All students are invited to give a 15 minute talk.

    Please register to let us know you're coming.

    If you're giving a talk, register by 9/17!

    Directions, food and lodging here.

    Funding for this conference is provided by
    NSF grant DMS-0846477 through the MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference program, www.maa.org/RUMC/,
    The Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith, NSF grant DMS-0611020, and
    The Smith College Mathematics and Statistics Department.

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